The Importance of Using Safety Harnesses and Lanyards When Working at Heights

If you are working in construction sites and similar work settings, slip and fall accidents are very common. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these accidents are the second most common cause of death that takes place in the workplace. OSHA requires workers to use fall protection safety equipment like safety lanyards and harnesses when working in risky work environments. However, recent studies show that only 11% of victims of falls use the right safety equipment or have undergone property training when it comes to rope access.

When it comes to the use of fall protection harnesses and lanyards, there are various kinds of safety equipment that you can choose from. As the owner of these companies, you have to understand the different kinds of fall safety equipment that you should be equipping your workers with. The use of quality safety harnesses and lanyards is essential for workers to prevent potential accidents from happening when working at heights.

When it comes to fall protection equipment, they come in different kinds of classes. They are categorized according to the level of protection that they offer. Generally, such fall protection equipment is categorized from Class 1 to Class 4. Class 1 fall safety equipment is created to restrain people who need to work in dangerous positions. The use of this equipment ensures that the chances of falling are reduced. Included in this classification are body belts. Class 2 fall protection equipment, on the other hand, is used for the retrieval of individuals who may have fallen. This classification includes chest safety harnesses.
For dangers associated with falling vertically, the use 

of Class 3 fall protection equipment is a must. This covers the use of full-body fall protection harnesses. Finally, you have the Class 4 fall protection equipment that is recommended for people who need to work in suspended air. Examples of this equipment include boatswain chairs and suspension belts.

The use of fall safety harnesses and lanyards is important for a wide range of reasons. For starters, they help in the prevention of accidents in the workplace. When you have your full-body fall protection harness on, you can have some peace of mind as well as your workers when you work from heights and the dangers of possible fall, trip, and slip accidents. These accidents can be better prevented with the use of quality fall protection equipment. When you fail to equip yourself or your workers with the right safety equipment and take the necessary precautions, then things can easily spiral into major injuries and fatalities. So, make sure to only use quality lanyards and harnesses. Discover more about fall protection here: